Project management

Freelance project management – When you start a project of any kind (e.g., introducing a new product or service), you need a person who will keep everything under control. That person is the project manager.

A project manager needn’t necessarily be an expert in the field the organisation operates in and needn’t know all the details of the company’s operations. With project management, not even the content of the project is crucial. The project manager’s main concern is the structure of the project, deadlines, expenses, resources, tasks and responsibilities.

Projects within an organisation are complex and involve people from different parts of the organisation, and often from outside of it. They include managing all kinds of resources, as well as a ton of administrative work. For those reasons, a project manager must be able to have everything under control, and there is a lot to control, which in turn is time-consuming.

A successful project manager is a skilful communicator and organiser, excels in strategic thinking, is ready to make decisions and commend good work, and is a good motivator.


We provide all levels of project management, from developing an idea to the final execution.