fran-silovicFran Šilović graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture at the University of Zagreb with a degree in mechanical engineering. This prepared him to work in the automotive industry for over 20 years. His expertise consists of working in the after-sales, sales, and customer relations.

Over the years his experience includes,

  • After-sales manager,
  • Fleet sales manager,
  • Sales manager,
  • Leader of projects aimed at improving business processes, implementation of new services, and enhancing existing ones,
  • Leader of the certification process according to the ISO14000 norm, for the importer’s office and the whole authorised dealer’s network in Croatia,
  • Head of the Toyota’s customer satisfaction programme,
  • Consultant for after-sales business processes enhancement for Inem electronic d.o.o. (warranty and regular repairs, spare parts circulation, paperwork circulation, etc.).

During his 23-year career Fran actively participated in various trainings that enabled him to gain additional qualifications:

  • Certified Dealer Evaluator for the TSM programme (Toyota Customer Service Management),
  • ISO14001:2004 Internal auditor,
  • Certificate in proposal writing and management of EU funded projects,
  • Diploma in Professional Coach-Mentoring, European Mentoring and Coaching Council Practitioner Level through the programme established and run by The OCM.


  • We have started with the coaching process during the period in which I was trying to decide on the direction in which I want Mapa znanja to go. The process helped me discard the ideas that were not meeting all the set criteria, and to further study those that were meeting the criteria and made business sense, and started bearing fruits in the meantime.

    Katica Križić Čumandra, Mapa znanja –
  • Calm and astute insight into the business strategy and processes from all angles. Big help in deliberating on business.

    Ivo Skelin, izvanOkvira – Arhitect
  • Working with Fran was exactly what I needed at the moment we started coaching. With his help, I have very quickly detected the patterns in my behaviour which prevented me from being more efficient and more content with my work. After detecting the issues, we have agreed on the methods and order in which I should change the patterns. Through the next several sessions we have controlled and corrected the processes. I am delighted with the coaching process and, more importantly, with the outcome. And it all happened in an relaxed and encouraging atmosphere.

    Iva Grabovac – Architect