In their everyday work, people face haste and numerous tasks that, for different reasons, they struggle to complete without the help of an expert – a coach.

Simply put, coaching is a conversation, or rather, a series of conversations between two people. Efficient coaching has a positive influence on understanding, learning, behaviour and progress of an individual or team. Through the conversation, a coach helps the client find solutions for the situation(s) that the client wishes to resolve. After determining the challenges, the coach helps the client take an objective look of the situation and total environment, set the goals, and then define the necessary steps to reach these goals.

The aspect that makes this conversation different from other forms of communication is the influence it has on the person being coached. Time dedicated to coaching pays back multiple times over by increasing work satisfaction, achieving better results, reaching successful resolution for stressful situations, and solving tasks more efficiently. All this ultimately directly leading to time saving.

Coaching can be:EMCC badge

  • Individual, or
  • Team (individual coaching sessions can be organised for the team members on top of the team coaching)

Coaching within an organisation (company) implies discretion and utter confidence of the users.



  • We have started with the coaching process during the period in which I was trying to decide on the direction in which I want Mapa znanja to go. The process helped me discard the ideas that were not meeting all the set criteria, and to further study those that were meeting the criteria and made business sense, and started bearing fruits in the meantime.

    Katica Križić Čumandra, Mapa znanja –
  • Calm and astute insight into the business strategy and processes from all angles. Big help in deliberating on business.

    Ivo Skelin, izvanOkvira – Arhitect
  • Translations of all sorts of texts are very clean and consistent. They spare no effort to make the final result the best possible. The translations are always delivered within the set deadlines.

    Ivica Đurović, IVECO, – Market Manager Croatia & Slovenia